Urinetown the Musical is a three-time Tony award winning musical, including winner for Best Book in a Musical and Original Score in 2002. Urinetown undoubtedly sings out the anthem of the people.

Based in the not too distant future, rising temperatures and droughts have made water so scarce politicians have been forced to outlaw private bathrooms. With a monopoly on resources, a corrupt megacorporation has implemented harsh fees, with even harsher consequences if you can’t “Pay to Pee”.

One bold young toilet custodian leads the downtrodden poor to rise up and fight the rich for their right to “Pee for Free”! Will they live to see a bright new day or is the ominous Urinetown the only destination for them all?

This fabulous score opens with the hilarious Too Much Exposition, includes rebel-rousing songs such as Run Freedom Run and sweet ballads such as Follow your Heart. So, if you're looking for something exceptional to see this summer “Don’t be the Bunny” come on down and enjoy the fun!