The Opera Club performed A Christmas Carol at the Harlequin Theatre, Redhill from November 14th to 17th, 2012, directed by Kevin Stuart with Jamie Cordell as Musical Director and Shash Rault as Choreographer.

Cast List

A Beadle   Joe Murphy
Three Charity Men   Adrian Martin, David Brown, John Rapley
Mr Smythe   Kevin Stuart
Grace Smythe   Becky Bond
Scrooge   Michael Lock
Cratchit   Nick Rogers
Mrs Cratchit   Christine Bickley
Tiny Tim   Carl Lock
Poulterer   Kevin Wood
Fred Anderson   Jonathan Ford
Jonathan   Jack Butler
Ghost of Christmas Past (Lamplighter)   Philippa Hogg
Ghost of Christmas Present (Sandwich Board Man)   Mark Nicholson
Ghost of Christmas Future (Blind Old Hag)   Jolanda Adams
Mrs Mops   Debbie Martin
Marley   Ian Lambert
Marley's Acolytes   Jess Allen, Lucy Shippam, Alice McDonough, Chris Powell, Tom Allen, Martin Rawlings, Keir Gilbert-Halladey, Jamie McFadden, Joe Shippam
Judge   John Rapley
Scrooge at 8   Alex Smith
Fan at 6   Alice French
Scrooge's Father   Adrian Martin
Scrooge's Mother   Jane Hogg
Mr Hawkins   Terry Browning
Scrooge at 12   Jacob Carter, Ross McFadden
Girl Factory Worker   Izzi Crocker
Fan at 10   Charlotte Roberts
Fezziwig   Kevin Wood
Young Ebenezer   Michael Saunders
Young Marley   Chris Powell
Emily   Kat Green
Mrs Fezziwig   Lynda Barrett-Mercer
Three Grannies   Jess Allen, Lucy Shippam, Fiona Dunbar
Sally Anderson   Julia Rogers
Two Undertakers   Jane Hogg, Gemma Murphy
Old Joe   Joe Murphy
Panto Girls   Jess Allen, Lucy Shippam, Philippa Hogg, Kat Green, Julia Rogers, Kira Couzens, Holly Fisher, Eli Morris, Alice McDonough
Four Elves   Annabel Boe Booker, Izzi Crocker, Ella Hamlin, Charlotte Roberts
Fezziwig Party People - Upper Class   Joe Murphy, Debbie Williams, Terry Browning, Jolanda Adams, Nick Hughes, Debbie Martin, David Brown, Gemma Murphy, John Rapley, Christine Bickley, Gabriel Moody, Kerry Moody
Fezziwig Party People - Middle Class   Tom Allen, Jane Hogg, Chris Powell, Alice McDonough, Keir Gilbert-Halladey, Kira Couzens, Kevin Wood, Lynda Barrett-Mercer, Michael Saunders, Kat Green, Mark Nicholson, Fiona Dunbar, Josh Bull, Becky Bond, Mattie Gilbert-Halladey, Martin Rawlings, Holly French, Lalita Francis-Bird, Ross McFadden, Charlotte Roberts, Annabel Boe Booker, Jacob Carter, Ella Hamlin, Eli Morris, Collette Tierney
Fezziwig Party People - Lower Class   Joe Shippam, Julia Rogers, Ian Lambert, Michelle McDonough, Nick Rogers, Holly Fisher, Adrian Martin, Katie Butterworth, Jamie McFadden, Kristie Kear, Alex Smith, Alice French, Carl Lock, Izzi Crocker, Jack Butler, Jess Allen, Lucy Shippam

About 'A Christmas Carol'

Music by Alan Menken, Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens, Book by Mike Ockrent and Lynn Ahrens, Based on the story by Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens’ classic gets the full Broadway treatment by the Broadway team of Alan Menken (Beauty and the BeastLittle Mermaid), Lynn Ahrens (Ragtime, Seussical) and Mike Okrent (Crazy For You, Me and My Girl).

Called by The New York Times a tonic for adults, and for children a transfixing journey, this spectacular musical extravaganza ran for ten years at Madison Square Garden, complete with falling snow, exuberant dances by famed choreographer Susan Stroman, flying ghosts and a magnificent set which recreated the streets, graveyards, homes and buildings of Dickensian London.

In 2004, this version became the basis of an NBC Hallmark Entertainment special (teleplay adaptation by Lynn Ahrens) featuring Kelsey Grammer as Scrooge, and an array of stars including Jason Alexander, Jesse L. Martin, Jane Krakowski, Geraldine Chaplin, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ruthie Henshall. But even without starry casts and spectacular trappings, A Christmas Carol retains its emotional power and pure joy, thanks to the marvelously-told story by Ockrent and Ahrens, and the Menken/Ahrens score filled with beautiful melodies and emotional lyrics.