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November 16th - 19th 2016

Directors: Jane Hogg & Kevin Hogg

Musical Director: Jamie Cordell

Choreographer: Vanessa Chambers

Kris Kringle takes on the cynics among us in this musical adaptation of the popular holiday favorite. In his inimitable style, Meredith Willson, the author of The Music Man and The Unsinkable Molly Brown, tells us the classic story of the year. A white-bearded gentleman claiming to be the real Santa Claus brings about a genuine Miracle on 34th Street, spreading a wave of love throughout New York City, fostering camaraderie between Macy’s and Gimbel’s Department Stores, and convincing a divorced, cynical single mother, her somber daughter and the entire state of New York that Santa Claus is no myth.

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Miracle on 34th Street

Time though to think about Miracle on 34th Street and the joys of Christmas.

As you know a lot has gone on over the Summer with some changes in the production team, new members joining and a virtually complete cast and over 50 people in the show.

I am  delighted to say that following a recent Committee meeting Jane and Kevin Hogg have agreed to be co-Directors for us!

Both will still continue to be in the Show and I know they want everyone to be a part of this Production now in every way – we have a lot to get through in a short space of time and so we want help from all of you experienced cast members as well.

As regards a new Choreographer I am pleased to say that Vanessa has agreed to step in to take on this role.

We have had a very successful first production meeting and are sure you will enjoy what they have in store for you.

So we are now –

Jane and Kevin Hogg – Directors

Jamie Cordell – Musical Director

Vanessa Chambers - Choreographer



We are fully cast as follows.

Doris Walker – Michelle Radcliffe

Kris Kringle – Kevin Stuart

Fred Gaily - Ziggi Szafranski

Susan - Harriet Tynne

R.H Macy – Mark Nicholson

Miss Crookshank – Lauren Payne

Alvin, Whitey and Climber – Ross McFadden, Keir Gilbert-Halliday & Chris Powell

Marvin Shellhammer - Brian Fraser

Mrs Sawyer - Jane Hogg

Judge Martin Group - Roger Nelson

Tammany O’Halloran - Adrian Martin

Thomas Mara Snr - Terry Foster

Henrika - Isabelle Pond

Harry and Tommy Mara Jnr - Mikey Thompson



Male Chorus

Adrian Martin, Tim Hatt, Tom Allen, Helier Dreux, Malcolm Toye, Dave Taylor.

Female Chorus

Alys Dreux, Anne Gould, Annette Harmath-See, Claire McFadden, Claire Powell, Debbie Martin, Debbie Williams, Fiona Kuhn-Thompson, Jill Day, Judy Abbott ,Julia Rogers, June Gautrey, Katie Leitch, Myra Gillies, Nicky Allen, Paddi Mallett, Philippa Kennedy, Sally Durrant, Sophie Powell, Sue Nelson.


Ciara Batt, Lalita Francis-Bird, Tahlia Carr-Stein, Ori Carr-Stein, Millie Salmon, Mikey Thompson, Daniel Tynne