Director: Julia Rogers

Author: Ray Cooney, born 1932

Out of Order is a hysterical farce that revolves around a philandering politician. When Richard Willey, a Government Junior Minister, plans to spend the evening with an opposition Secretary, Jane Worthington, things go disastrously wrong. It starts with the discovery of a body trapped in the hotel’s unreliable sash window. Calling on his hapless private Secretary to help with his lies and deception, things go from bad to worse!

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Richard Willey - Adam Stevens

The Manager - Steve Bonnett

The Waiter - Kevin Hogg

Jane Worthington - Helen Haydock

A Body - Phil Taylor 

George Pigden - Mark Nicholson

The Maid - Clare MacFadden 

Ronnie - Olly Reeves 

Pamela - Fiona Kuhn-Thompson

Gladys - Jane Hogg

Understudy - Tracey Brammar