A farce by Neil Simon 28 – 30 September, 2017

at The Green Room Theatre, Dorking.

Tickets £12, available from the Dorking Halls Box Office from August.

The Assistant Deputy Minister of Finance and his wife are having friends round to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary, but the first guests arrive to find no sign of the wife or the domestic help, and the Minister is in his bedroom, too dazed to speak and with a bullet wound to the head! As the other guests arrive, each with their own problems, they need a plan to save their host, and themselves, from scandal.


• Chris Bevans – Jane Hogg

• Ken Bevans – Ziggi Szafranski

• Claire Cummings – Sandy Truman

• Len Cummings – Kevin Stuart

• Ernest Cusack – Tomas Howland

• Cookie Cusack – Debbie Martin

• Glenn Cooper – Jon Ford

• Cassie Cooper – Julia Rogers

• WPC Conklin – Jill Day

• PC Casey – Keir Gilbert-Halliday