Scrooge the Musical (2009)

This was a joint production with the East Surrey Operatic Society, directed by John Taylor with Angela Barker as the Musical Director.

Scrooge - Cast List
Ebenezer Scrooge Terry Foster
Bob Cratchit Chris Whitebread
Nephew Jon Ford
Bess Sue Shippam
Wine Merchant Roger Nelson
Hugo Hearty Fred Harrison
Jocelyn Jollygoode Colin Bousfield
Bisset, the Butcher Andrew Burridge
Mrs Dilber Sue Nelson
Miss Dilber Sophie Powell
Beggar Woman Lynda Pond
Punch and Judy Man Adrian Martin
Tom Jenkins Mark Nicholson
Mr Pringle (Toy Shop Owner) Malcolm Toye
Jacob Marley Nick Rogers
Phantoms Alys Dreux, Louisa Sargant, Katie Shearman, Emily C Davies
Ghost of Christmas Past Nicky Allen
School Teacher Sally Durrant
Jen Emily C Davies
Fezziwig Kevin Stuart
Young Scrooge Ben Taylor
Dick Wilkins Francis Radford
Mrs Fezziwig June Gautrey
Isabel Katie Shearman
Ghost of Christmas Present Steve Bonnett
Mrs Cratchit Liz Barnett
Helen Alys Dreux
Topper Kevin Wood
Mary Philippa Hogg
Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come Rado Dobransky

Members of the Chorus

Barbara Garton, Bryony Johnson, Brenda Judd, Lorraine Lawrence, Kath Lovell, Debbie Martin, Claire Padbury, Claire Powell, Julia Rogers, Sue Rowlinson, Milly Spinney, Ros Williams, Sarah Williams


Yellow Team Orange Team
Cratchit Family Cratchit Family
Kathy Elinor Morris Kathy Jess Allen
Peter Cristian Zaccarini Peter Joe Shippam
Albert Jonathan Pollard Albert Martin Rawlings
Belinda Becky Bond Belinda Lucca Ewbank
Martha Katerina Davidson Martha Ava Warriner
Tiny Tim Joseph Scaglinone Tiny Tim Hugh Blaney
Non Cratchit Children Non Cratchit Children
Urchin Elanor Bond* Urchin Charlotte Fagan
Urchin Emily Parker Urchin Niamh Caines
  Holly Fisher   Laura Wijsmuller
  Clara Coslett   Martha Barnett

Young Ebby &

Boy with Sled

Cameron Swayne Young Ebby Andrew Watson**
  Joel O'Flaherty Boy with Sled Will Tuckwell

* Understudy Kathy

** Understudy Tiny Tim