Sunset Boulevard  the musical with book and lyrics by Don Black and Christopher Hampton and music by Andrew Lloyd Webber is based on Billy Wilder's Academy Award-winning 1950 film of the same title,

Opening first in London in 1993, the musical has had several long runs internationally and also enjoyed extensive tours.


Sunset Boulevard  – Rehearsal Schedule updated as of 25th March 2015


All Weekday rehearsals will start at 7.30pm and end at 10 pm unless otherwise stated

Sunday Rehearsals will be from 2pm – 6pm

If you cannot make a rehearsal, please ring/text Lynda Barrett 07899 816952


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Auditions and Cast List 2015

Thank you to everyone who auditioned today.

Auditions can be very daunting but everyone did brilliantly and we are lucky to have had so many talented people to choose from even if it did make the process very difficult for the Audition Committee.

Although not introduced today we did have an independent Committee member with us and we are very grateful to Jackie Rance for being a part of the audition process and also pleased that she will be attending the Chorus auditions on Thursday 22nd January and the Principal recalls on Monday 26th January.

The Cast to date is as follows –

Max Von Mayerling – Mike Lock

Norma Desmond – Sarah Esser Haswell

Joe Gillis – Jamie Thomas

Betty Schaefer –  Philippa Kennedy

Artie Green – Jon Ford

Manfred – Mark Nicholson

Cecil B. DeMille – John Rapley

Sheldrake –  Roger Nelson


Let's do Lunch

Joe – Jamie Thomas

Myron – Ziggy

Mary – Alys Dreux

Joanna – Benita Murphy

Guard – Helier Dreux

Ist Finance Man – Tom Allen

2nd Finance Man – Malcolm Toye

Sammy - Adrian Martin

1st Temple Virgin – Amanda Prest

2nd Temple Virgin – Evangeline

3rd Temple Virgin – Michelle McDonough

Morino – Terry Brown

Wunderkind – Andy Rawlings

Artie - Jon Ford

Sheldrake – Roger Nelson

Seretary _ Claire Powell

Betty – Philippa Kennedy

Cliff – Mike Saunders

Katherine – Catherine Hazell

Lisa – Kirsty

Dawn – Nicky Allen

Adam – Chris Powell

Anita – Claire Padbury

John – Mark Nicholson



Waitress – June Gautrey

Actor – Tom allen

Sandy – Sue Shippam

Larissa (Anita) – Clare Padbury

Jane – Clare McFadden

John – Mark Nicholson

Glen – Andy Rawlings

Danielle – Ann Gould

Sammy – Adrian Martin

Mary – Alys

Artie – Jon Ford

Myron – Ziggy

Joanna – Benita

Dawn – Nicky Allen

Cliff - Mike Saunders

Anita (Susan) – Annette Harmath

Barman - Helier Dreux

Betty – Philppa Kennedy

Joe – Jamie Thomas


This time Next Year

Richard – Roger Nelson

Jean – Becky Bond

Cliff – Mike Saunders

Actor – Tom Allen

Mary - Alys Dreux

Larissa – Evangeline

Lisa – Kirsty Cheesman

Joanna – Benita

Myron – Ziggy

Artie – Jon Ford

Sammy – Adrian Martin

Adam Chris Powell

Betty – Philippa Kennedy

Joe – Jamie Thomas


The Lady’s Paying

Manfred - Mark Nicholson

Ist Salesman – Ziggy

2nd Salesman – Mike Saunders

3rd Salesman – Helier Dreux

4th Salesman – Chris Powell

5th Salesman – Tom Allen

6th Salesman – Andy Rawlings

7th Salesman – Adrian Martin


A Little Suffering

Astrologer – Debbie Martin

Analyst – Catherine Hazell

Doctor – Claire Padbury

Maseuse 1 – Helen Magrets

Maseuse 2 - Nicky Allen

Beautician 1 - Claire Powell

Beautician 2 – Sue Nelson

Beautician 3 - June Gautrey


Overall Story

Sunset Boulevard the musical with book and lyrics by Don Black and Christopher Hampton and music by Andrew Lloyd Webber is based on Billy Wilder's Academy Award-winning 1950 film of the same title, Opening first in London in 1993, the musical has had several long runs internationally and also enjoyed extensive tours.

In 1949 Hollywood, down-on-his-luck screenwriter Joe Gillis tries to hustle up some work at Paramount Studios. He meets with a producer who shoots down his proposed script as well as a request for a loan to bring his car payments up to date. He does, however, meet Betty Schaefer, a pretty, young script editor who proposes they work together to develop one of his earlier projects. As they chat, Joe is spotted by car repossession agents and makes a quick escape.

During the car chase that ensues down Sunset Boulevard, Joe evades his pursuers by pulling into the garage of a dilapidated mansion. Beckoned inside the house, Joe encounters Norma Desmond. A one time famous star of silent films, who lives in the once luxurious Hollywood mansion on Sunset Boulevard attended to only by Max Von Mayerling. Joe Gillis, is enlisted to work on a script Norma has written with which she hopes to make a "return". Joe finds himself in servitude and a love affair, enmeshed in Norma’s fantasies of coming glory. He tries to escape but she attempts suicide and he returns. He sneaks out at night to write his own script with Betty Schaeffer a girl he eventually falls in love with. When he eventually tells Norma the truth about her own fantasies, she shoots him. The shock tips the balance in her mind and she walks downstairs to be arrested, believing the cameras and crowds are to welcome her return to the screen.


Hollywood is a great place if you’re a hot movie star or director. But if your career is on the slide, or if you’re struggling to get established, Hollywood is a hard place to exist in. The ensemble characters are all struggling to get or keep their respective piece of the movie business. Norma schemes to return to the screen as the star she once was. Joe tries to sell his story ideas so he can get studio work. Betty’s a low-paid script reader who dreams of becoming a writer. Artie Green struggles in his apprenticeship as a assistant director. Producer Sheldrake searches for his next hit movie so he can keep his job and afford his fabulous home.

Sunset Boulevard epitomises the shallowness (for most) of the Hollywood lifestyle.

All ages quoted are “Playing Ages”

Norma Desmond: (50s)

A faded movie star from the silent film era. She is emotionally flamboyant, vulnerable, passionate and fragile. She has moments of melancholy which lead to fits and suicide attempts. She still seeks adulation and lives her life as if she were a character from one of her movies. Norma can be manipulative and is not afraid to use her money, power, sexual prowess or fame to get what she wants.

Audition piece

I - 5 - 16

Now dont you give me a fancy price ... I am big the pictures got small

I - 11 - 47

What time are they supposed to get here ... Max get me a taxi.

II - 9 - 85

I cant go on with the scene... I'm ready for my close up

Joe Gillis: (30s)

A down and out struggling screenwriter. He has all but given up on what Hollywood has and isn’t taken in by the glamorous, rich and famous life style until he meets Norma. He is sarcastic, cynical, bitter and glib. Joe possesses a certain sexual magnetism that women are drawn to and is charming, with an opportunist-like quality.

Audition piece

I - 5 - 16

Now dont you give me a fancy price ... I am big the pictures got small

I - 11 - 47

What time are they supposed to get here ... Max get me a taxi.

I - 9 - 36

In december... since I arrived

Max Von Mayerling: (50-60)

The long time suffering and devoted caretaker/butler to Norma. He actually was a successful movie director and the first husband to Norma Desmond. His life has now resorted to nurturing Norma and her illusions to help her survive. He has a quiet but commanding presence, brooding, protective, and watchful. He can be volatile. Max speaks with a slight Germanic accent.

Audition piece

II - 7 - 76

What's the matter Max.. that's right

Betty Schaefer (20s)

A young, clean cut script reader at Paramount Studios. She’s sweet, eager, feisty, and bright; a real go getter. Unlike most she is still idealistic and enthusiastic about the Hollywood scene. Betty sincerely wants to work with Joe and eventually falls in love with him.

Audition piece

II - 6 - 73 to II - 6 - 75

THE END ... You did

Cecil B. DeMille (late 60s)

The legendary film director at Paramount Studios and famous for his Hollywood epic movies and creating stars. He is autocratic but loving and protective of Norma. He is strong and imposing, but well respected.

Audition piece

II - 3 - 60

Mr DeMille ... give me minute

II - 3 - 61

Well,Well Well... Come on in

Artie Green : (late 20s) A fresh-faced assistant director at Paramount Studios.

He is a good guy and is Joe’s best buddy. He is loyal, hardworking, generous, professional, outgoing, clean-cut and an all around nice guy and a go getter.

Audition piece

I - 12 - 49

Hey Gillis...Samson and Delilah

Sheldrake: (30 - 40)

A movie producer on the lot at paramount. Slightly cynical and mounful.

Audition piece.

I - 2 - 7 to I - 2 - 8

Joe what the heck brings you here to .. Good!

Manfred (30 - 40)

An expensive tailor, perhaps slightly camp

Audition piece. Song Audition


The ensemble is critical in making this piece work as they represent the fabric that is the Hollywood film business and all that is good, bad and selfish about it. All the characters are chasing the same dream and we need to understand the desperation of Norma's world and that of the aspiring next generation. Paramount studios would not have existed if it had not been for the likes of Norma Desmond.

Ensemble: There are over 50 singing/speaking roles that will be played by the ensemble. Many of these roles are strongly featured and ensemble members will be required to create clearly defined characters that stand out.

Female Ensemble: (20-50) Strong singing character actresses to portray Secretaries, Astrologer, Beauticians, Make Up Lady, Harem Girls, Reporters, Wardrobe Lady, Waitresses, Actresses, Priestess, Heddy Lamar, Masseuses’, Doctor and Analyst

Male Ensemble: (20-50) Strong singing character actors to portray the roles of Myron, Morino, Salesmen, Camera Operators, Choreographer, Prop Man, Electrician, Reporters, Jonesy, Hog-Eye, Asst. Director, Victor Mature, Police Officers, Actors’, Cinematographer, Undertaker, Musicians, Finance Men, Manfred, Police Captain, Studio Guards.